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Advertise to the Shed Industry with Shed Gal on Monday, Shed Geek on Wednesday or Sambassador on Friday!

Advertise your products and services to your core audience.





A one-minute commercial that will run twice a month, featuring both audio and video.

Additionally, we will include a link to your lead form or website in the newsletter for each episode where your commercial appears.

*Requires a 12-month commitment.


Digital Ad


Not ready to commit to a commercial but still want visibility?

You can place your digital ad in our weekly newsletter. This ad will be 400x800 pixels and will link directly to a lead form.

*Requires a 12-month commitment.


Commercial & Digital Ad

In 2024, you'll get a free digital ad when you purchase a commercial advertisement. This digital ad will be included in our weekly newsletter at no additional cost.


Who Can Advertise on SGP?

Anyone can advertise, but it's essential to understand the target audience. Currently, SGP primarily caters to industry professionals, not the typical shed buyer. It attracts those who work directly in the shed industry.

How Are Commercials Added to the Podcast?

Our podcasts air on several audio-only platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, etc., as well as on YouTube. Here's how to get your commercial on our show:

  1. Submit a Pre-Recorded Video: Provide us with a video commercial in MP4 format, and we'll embed it into one of our episodes twice a month.

  2. Provide a Script: If you don't have a video, you can send us a script, along with your logo and any relevant images, and we will record the commercial for you. Afterward, we'll insert it into the episode twice a month. Any video we create for you will be pre-approved by your team.

What Is the Episode Newsletter?

For every episode, SGP sends out an email newsletter that includes links to both the audio and video formats. The newsletter also provides information about the episode's guest, a brief summary of the show's content, and a list of commercial sponsors with their logos and links to their websites or lead forms. We conclude the newsletter with Digital Ads.

What Is a Digital Ad?

A Digital Ad is a 400x800 pixel image that functions like a magazine ad but with digital interactivity, linking to your website or lead form. SGP will create this image for you and include it in the episode newsletter. If you prefer to create your own, send it to us, and we'll replace our version with yours.

What Is a Lead Form?

Lead forms allow customers to contact you directly. By entering basic information such as their phone number or email address, customers can quickly send you an inquiry. This data goes directly to your email, enabling you to follow up with potential leads. Unlike traditional magazine ads, this approach allows for digital tracking and offers a measurable return on investment.

Who Is Our Audience?

Our primary audience consists of shed manufacturers, dealers, haulers, and anyone providing products or services to the shed industry. However, we've expanded into other related markets, including carports, steel buildings, and post-frame structures. We also cover topics related to tiny homes, greenhouses, chicken coops, animal shelters, gazebos, and other ancillary products in the shed industry.

How Many People Listen?

SGP has a diverse audience, including a core group of dedicated listeners and others who prefer to binge-listen to multiple episodes. On average, each episode receives about 1,500 listens. Additionally, we've made our content accessible via a landline (330-997-3055) for members of the Plain community, resulting in over 400+ call-ins per week.

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