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What do we offer?

-Green Energy and Off-Grid  Home Solutions 

  Offering custom, turn key, battery based (off-grid/micro-grid) green energy system design and installation solutions to clients who desire energy independence, reduced cost of living, and a movement away from polluting fossil fuel energy sources. 








-Custom Designed Solar System Installations for Mobile Applications

(RV's, Vans, Skoolies, Boats, and More)

  Offering custom designed solar systems with battery backup.  Ask about our accessory offerings: auto gen start, remote monitoring, temperature/humidity/motions sensors, tank sensors, alternator charging, etc. 







-Commercial Fleet Electrical Services

 (Electrical Installation, Diagnosis, Replacement, and Service)

Offering commercial fleet service on inverters batteries, and general electrical systems.





-Electrical Vehicle (EV) Services

EV installation, repair, and maintenance services.








-Direct Sales of Equipment.

  As authorized dealers of various brands, we offer direct sales of parts/equipment for in house pickup or direct shipping.  Due to the large variety of equipment offered, please call or email us directly for pricing and availability.  To expedite service, please have the item name and model ready. Shipping and handling rates may apply. 

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