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Good business depends on great conversations, but email and other forms of business communication are stuck. They’re slow, disjointed, and not the way that consumers want to interact. At Leadferno, we’re changing that. Our team is working to give your business faster, better, and more delightful communication.Leadferno is powering businesses to create conversations and close more leads faster with omni-channel messaging. We help you move at the new speed of business communication, combining SMS and messaging tools from the internet’s biggest platforms.

2-way texting with customers

Enable your business to unlock SMS as a communication channel. Delight your prospects and customers with fast, efficient and actionable text messaging.

Convert website visitors to SMS and real time leads

It’s quick and easy to install the Leadbox, a powerful web to text widget, on your website to power messaging conversations and other main calls to action.

All of your messaging channels in one place

Maximize your team’s communication and time with our omni-channel inbox. SMS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, and Google Business Messages. All in one shared inbox packed with features.

Track and report your leads

Our Lead Capture and Performance reports help you measure leads, conversions, reply times, and more. Track quantity and quality of lead engagement per account, profile and team member.

Build valuable SMS and messaging contact lists

Build your owned audience with a better customer list. A lightweight CRM to capture and manage your customer's contact, mobile number, conversation outcomes and more.


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