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New Trends In Digital Marketing for the Shed Industry

The demand for storage buildings and sheds in America is at an all-time high. Who doesn't like the convenience of having their own personal storage right in the backyard?

Americans have accumulated more “stuff” than ever, and since the pandemic, more and more people are seeking sheds & storage buildings because they are working from home and need more space.

Because of the ever increasing internet usage, plus the increased demand for modern sheds, the last few years has seen tremendous changes in digital marketing for the shed industry...

Even just a few years ago it was all about the shed lot and your sign.

For decades, shed businesses had to find ways to get customers to come to the physical retail lot. Internet presence was minimal at best... A simple web page.. a Google MyBusiness listing, etc. Shed lots depended on buyers driving many miles to see designs and buy sheds.

All that has drastically shifted...

Now, the majority of buyers open their phone, search for “portable sheds for sale near me” and design, customize and buy a shed with a few clicks.

If they do show up at your shed lot, chances are, they've already researched your brand, checked out reviews, and other details before they ever showed up.

Digital Marketing Changes In The Shed Industry Are A Good Thing...

This is all good news for today's digital marketing savvy shed manufacturers.

Yes, it's true, what used to work, doesn't work nearly as well anymore... But by looking at what Does work, businesses in the shed industry can (and should!) take advantage of the changing trends to move their business online where the customers are looking for them!

Let's take a look at what digital marketing for the shed industry is especially important right now, and how you can scale YOUR shed business effectively.

The Importance Of Online Presence For Your Shed Business

When you want to make a purchase, start tracking how often you go to your phone or computer to search it before you make the purchase!

If you're thinking, “I don’t need more marketing” or “I am selling way too much already” you're missing out on potential customers and in turn, more money.

While building your shed business with little or no online presence is entirely possible, it is increasingly more difficult to edge out the competition that do have websites and an online presence.

Bottom line: One of the best things you can do to set your company apart is building your shed business a strong online presence and... a system to manage it.

Importance Of A Strong Web Presence...

  • According to this article on Hubspot, 46% (or nearly half) of all the 3.5 BILLION searches made daily on Google, are for local businesses

  • Hubspot also states that 88% of searches for local businesses on a mobile device, either call or visit the business within 24 hours.

  • Currently, 63% of shopping is done online, and that’s estimated to increase to 95% by 2040.

4 Ways To Take Digital Marketing for the Shed Industry To The Next Level

1. Modern, Conversion-Focused, SEO-Friendly Website

Yes, sorry, that's a mouth full! Let's unpack it:

Modern Shed Industry Website

An attractive, conversion-focused, SEO friendly website serves as the "Hub" of your shed business' online "Face". While many businesses in the shed industry have some type of website already, its often far outdated, broken, and lacking in any clear information or calls to action.

The hard truth is, people make a decision about your business within the first few seconds of finding you online!

Having a great look on your online presence, defines your brand and makes you look professional.

It's the same as a shed salesman wearing a sharp uniform with a bright smile and a firm handshake... your online presence Matters... It represents You, and you want to look your best.


The #1 purpose of a website for your shed business is to get found online and bring customers into your business.

That means your entire website should be geared towards steering visitors into contacting your shed business, or purchasing from you online.

For your website to make a memorable impression, it should be designed for optimal customer engagement - clear, sales-focused, informative, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.

Key Competitor Advantage Hack: Display your Google Reviews on your website! You might be surprised how often people make buying decisions based on reviews alone!

SEO Friendly

Your shed business website should also be "findable" on the major search engines, especially Google. An SEO-friendly website is designed from the ground up to consider specific keywords and page attributes your business should rank for.

As an example, if someone searches "shed manufacturers near [insert your city]" you want your website to be showing up on the first page of the search results.

How Does Your Shed Business Currently Rank ?

Contact Us, we'll be glad to run a free report!

2. Active Social Media

Utilizing Social Media (Facebook & Instagram, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.) is a powerful strategy for any size business in the shed industry to reach prospects and customers, and driving organic traffic.

Fun fact: there are 3.78 billion social media users, with people spending an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes per day on social media.

That is why, in today's day and age, social media is a staple in the digital marketing world for the shed industry. If you’re building a brand, social media is definitely going to be part of the equation.

While social media is already used by many in the shed industry, you can take it a step further by being Consistent with your messaging and posts.

Videos especially are a Powerful shed marketing medium to reach new customers and build your brand recognition. Take advantage of this largely untapped opportunity!

3. Email Marketing

No...Email Marketing Is NOT Dead!

Email is still the number one way most consumers connect with brands or companies they love, so using this method will help to maintain customer relationship and subscriber's loyalty.

Using your current subscribers and customers is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

How can you build your list?

Method One: Use Monthly Giveaways on your social media to drive sign-ups through your website! This has a two-fold effect... Build your social media engagement, while also building your email list.

Method Two: Add a signup form to your site and offer information, such as a pricing brochure or a simple eBook as an incentive for visitors to signup for your newsletter.

4. End to End Digital Marketing System for the Shed Industry

The real "Secret Sauce" for scaling your shed business is automating your digital marketing processes with an easy to use management system!

To consistently grow your shed business, you need to be found EVERYWHERE across the internet - search engines, directories, social media, not to mention mobile presence.

We already know how time consuming it is to run a business, let alone managing the digital marketing aspect. That's why an end to end Digital Marketing Management Solution is the key to simplify, automate, and manage all the different pieces of your digital marketing strategy.

What does it look like?

Great question!

We call it Solarus360, our 360 degree Local Business Online Toolkit

We recognized the need for a complete marketing management system for shed industry businesses that includes all the aspects of digital marketing, plus automates and simplifies your workflow. We call our solution Solarus360.

What's Inside Solarus360?

Solarus360 goes far beyond just a website. It's an "End-to-End Marketing Channel" for all your digital advertising needs in ONE PLACE.

With the Local Business Online Tool Kit you can easily...


If you're starting with little or no search presence online... the Listing Builder tool will fix that and help you get found organically across the web.


Setting this up will allow your team to respond to all your online reviews easily from one dashboard. Collecting reviews allows for creating automated email and text campaigns to ramp up positive reviews across the web.


Post once, and publish to all your accounts, schedule your posts for the entire month, find new clients, and more, all in one convenient place!


See how your business is performing online, with automated, easy-to-understand analytics and insights. See performance of reputation, listings, social media, website traffic, advertising and SEO.


Solarus360 supports WordPress websites, the web's most popular platform, and gives you the freedom to create, design, and manage your own custom website. Or hire a developer to set it up for you.

...And So Much More!

Whether its email marketing, CRM, or a multitude of other digital marketing for the shed industry, Solarus360 makes it easy to customize & add the tools and services you need to grow your local business.

Solarus360 houses all of your online tools inside one dashboard. You will love the simplicity of one password, one bill, one set of notifications, and one set of reports tying everything together in real time.

Important Note:

If running your own Digital Marketing System sounds exhausting to you, we get it.

Solarus360 is more than a set of awesome online business marketing tools. We also include Three Hours of our professional marketing team's time every month for whatever you'd like to focus on.

You can also purchase as much time as needed for a fully hands-free digital marketing solution. Think of it as your own in-house digital marketing team, but without the $1,000/week price tag for a full-time employee.

Intrigued By Solarus360?

Take it for a free 7 day test drive!


Maybe you are one of the many shed manufacturers or retailers who primarily operates as a brick-and-mortar facility or retail lot.

Whether you’re interested in moving towards building an online presence or not, the bottom line is that today advanced digital marketing is highly important for any business, especially the shed industry.

Why? As was said in the beginning, people who are in the market for a shed will most likely search online before they buy, or even visit your lot.

A well-executed digital marketing strategy will attract more visitors and improve customer experience, and also drive more sales to SCALE your shed business!


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