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Shed Geek Podcast

On Monday's episode, we have The ShedGal, Susan Frair. She is a seasoned veteran in portable building products. She has also extended into podcast episodes in the carport, metal, and post-frame industries.

On Wednesday, we have The Shed Geek, Shannon Latham. He hosts interviews covering all things shed-related, with a focus on sales and marketing conversations as well as tech-related components.

On Friday, we have Sambassador, Sam Byler. He is an expert in logistics and shed hauling. While his focus is on shed hauling, he brings a wealth of shed information and experience to the podcast.​

We have two options for advertising:

-Comprehensive. Which includes audio/video ads which appear on the podcast episode twice a month. As well as a digital ad on our weekly newsletter, for only $6,000/year.

-Digital ad only. This is just the digital ad on our newletter for only $1,200/year. 

Choose the host that best fits the conversation for your company and the best host for advertising your products and services.

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