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Head Truss Press

Truss Press 3.jpg
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Truss Press 1.jpg

Our truss press is designed to handle up to 2×6 lumber and up to 3×5 truss plates (4×6 plates optional) with ease, making it an economical and efficient choice for your business. With three press stations powered by 3000 PSI hydraulic cylinders (five stations optional), the Riehl Steel Shed Plate Truss Press is reliable and easy to use. The cylinders are controlled by a single control valve, making operation simple and straightforward. Plus, with a 2-stage hydraulic pump, the press has a fast 4-5 second cycle time. The press can adjust from 4’ to 16’ wide, handling angles of 12×12 pitch to a straight line and anything in-between.

The Birdsmouth Notcher

B Notcher 2.jpg
B Notcher.jpg
B Notcher 3.jpg

We designed our Birdsmouth Notcher to be highly adjustable and customizable. It can easily accommodate angles from 15 to 45 degrees, and can cut up to 1-5/8″ deep, making it perfect for a wide range of truss configurations. Our Birdsmouth Notcher is powered by a 7.5 HP electric motor, which provides a smooth and reliable cutting experience every time. It can handle 2 boards at one time, and the boards are securely held in place by an air clamp, ensuring that your truss components stay in place while they are being notched. Safety is our top priority, which is why our Birdsmouth Notcher is equipped with a built-in dust hood that has a 4″ port to collect sawdust, keeping your workspace clean and safe. 

The Door Press

Door Press 1.jpg

Our door press utilizes air cylinders to bring the door components together before hydraulic cylinders push truss connector plates into the door. The are 2 sets of 3 heads opposite of each other. One set is fixed and the other can move back and forth to accommodate for different widths. Our Door Press can accommodate door widths ranging from 33″ to 48″, and door lengths up to 76″. The hydraulic power unit includes a 10-gallon steel hydraulic fluid tank with a 3,000 PSI 2-stage pump, providing a cycle time of 4-5 seconds. T

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