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Precision Component
Saw System

Saw System.webp

Experience heightened efficiency with our precision component saw, designed for cutting numerous identical components.  These saws slide easily back and forth over our metal rail system, clamping in place wherever you need them. This versatile saw system is a great fit if you have multiple repeated cuts needed - stop setting up a fence and cutting one cut at a time, now you can do as many cuts as you want with the Precision Component Saw System. Some of our favorite optional features include digital length and angle readouts to easily and quickly set up the saws. We also offer a 2 step safety control station for hand free operation! Another great feature of this system is it's portability - it can be moved from job site to job site, just roll it into you trailer!

Precision Truss Press

Truss Press new.webp

Build your trusses faster and more precise with our Precison Truss Press. We now offer an optional, fully adjustable truss jig, allowing for endless customization of truss sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Forklift building mover.webp

Forklift Building Mover

Easily slides on to most standard forks to help make moving buildings around easier and more efficient. 


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